Which American sandwiches are famous?

Western New York's Beef on Weck is a roast beef sandwich on a kummelweck bread with horseradish and jus.

Weck beef

If you're really hungry, get a torta de adobada (spicy beef), milanesa (cutlet), or huevo (eggs) in a soft bread with avocado, tomatoes, and peppers.


Inexplicably, a southern classic hasn't caught on in the north. A simple hot sandwich with wonderful pimento cheese between two pieces of buttered Texas bread beats all other grilled cheeses.

Pimento sandwich

New Orleans' Central Grocery is credited with creating the Muffaletta (or Muffuletta) sandwich, and we owe them a Wookiee life debt. Italian sliced meats and cheeses.


We may be exaggerating. Kentucky's Hot Brown is more like eggs Benedict than any other sandwich on our list, but to leave this exquisite combination of turkey, bacon.


Louisiana's Po' boy—fried catfish or shrimp on a crusty French baguette with mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, butter, pickles, and Louisiana spicy sauce—makes its second entry on our list.c


The USA receives credit for its excellent combination of pulled pork, ham, cheese, mustard, and handmade pickles on a toasted Cuban baguette. Mmmmmm.


 The Sloppy Joe, one of the few school lunch staples that still exists, is more than simply a sandwich—an it's experience that lasts long after you eat it.

Sloppy Joe

Anyone who hasn't had this sandwich from Philadelphia's cheesesteakeries is losing out. In Philly, you order a cheesesteak by first choosing provolone or Cheez Whiz.


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