What kind of single are you, according to your zodiac sign?

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This kind of person requires continual stimulation and often instigates merely to see what will happen, making them a wonderful complement to a political argument but a risky guest at a dinner party.


Taureans like to marry for life and seldom sever relations with a spouse, even if that partner is a philandering trash panda. They avoid being alone since they can buy more expensive furnishings and order more tapas if they are in a relationship.


Gemini behaves as if they are single regardless of whether or not they are in a committed relationship; texting a galaxy of past, present, and future lovers, buzzing about, talking nonstop to themselves and others, absorbing facts, and embellishing everything from denim jackets to their own life story.


Cancer is always waxing poetry, stalking in full, longingly messaging, and/or hexing their ex. The oculus shifts and the cycle begins afresh only when they locate someone more injured, inaccessible, or emotionally handicapped to care for.


The lone Leo is a ravenous Leo, dressing to the nines and lavishing schmaltz on every prospective victim. These individuals do not care who provides them with aid as long as they feel desired and desired. There will be a great deal of spotlight dancing, artificial eyelashes worn throughout the day



They tend to remain unmarried because of the paradoxical combination of self-loathing and upholding unattainable standards. for some They do not believe they are good enough and do not believe anybody else is either.


 Being alone for a Libra is the most formative of all zodiac signs since it pushes them to define themselves without the ballast of another person, to understand and respond to their own needs rather than the desires of others.


 These individuals have a well-earned reputation for remaining in their exes' orbits, including the use of monitoring devices and voicemail hacking, and when they are single, their obsession on their ex-partners deepens. 


As they wait for a partner who can satisfy their demand for independence, Sagittarians are content to pass the time by sleeping with strangers, playing the didgeridoo, prowling book shops, and preparing their soapbox speeches.


Indeed, a single Cap is engaged in their daily work. While they may be travelling the path alone, they are labouring to pave it in gold and maintaining their stride in garments with a bias cut in earth and concrete tones.


Aquarius is blind to the distinction between single and partnered. Romantic partners are akin to familiars for water carriers, a companion minion who washes the dishes so that the resident genius may focus on genius-level tasks.


They get engrossed in the details and emotional climate of their partner and consider fresh methods to pleasure them. Pisces give the world a favour while they are single by channelling their caring and creative energy into generating art, being a muse, and illuminating a larger cast of people. 

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