Weight-Loss Juicing Recipes

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Fruit Juice

Apples comprise 86% water, making them ideal for juicing. Many of our weight loss juice recipes use them. This delicious fruit juice contains low-calorie, nutrient-rich fruits.


Apples and spinach are high in fibre, which helps satiety. Apples contain antioxidants that help prevent several diseases. Quercetin may improve brain health. Spinach contains iron, copper, manganese, vitamins A and K, and magnesium.

Green Juice

This recipe has four healthy components and tastes like apple juice. Cucumbers and lettuce contain the most water. They're 96% water. At 95% water, celery follows these two vegetables. These veggies' water helps food pass through the digestive system.


The healthiest citrus fruits are grapefruits. Vitamin C, which protects cells from free radical damage, is abundant in them. However, this fruit's antioxidants including flavanones and beta-carotene help boost cardiovascular health.

Kale & Ginger

Gingerols in ginger root help you reduce weight while improving antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. By speeding up digestion, these chemicals fight fat. Kale improves digestion too. 


Carrot & Coriander 

 Carrots may decrease eye disease development due to their high vitamin A concentration. Additionally, they control blood pressure and blood sugar. Detoxification is helped by coriander. This plant is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.


These two meals are low in calories and rich in fibre, which helps them lose weight. These substances may help you lose weight, boost your immune system, enhance your respiratory health, and preserve bone health.


 Blueberries are related to better cognitive performance, bone health, heart disease protection, blood pressure and blood sugar management, and cancer prevention. However, kale may help digestion, bone health, skin and hair.


However, you'll need a solid replacement to avoid opening a can of soda. When you need a vacation from work or school, try this weight loss watermelon juice recipe. Watermelons help you lose weight since they're 92% water. 


It's OK to utilise this healthy vegetable in juice. It's high in vitamins A and C, manganese, pantothenic acid, copper, and fibre. Sweet potatoes' fibre and antioxidants improve gut health and lower the incidence of irritable bowel syndrome. 

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