These 10 Cute Animals Are World's Cutest!

Sea Otter

North Pacific Sea Otters are weasels. They float on their backs among kelp and seaweed forests. They sleep, eat, raise their young, and snuggle in this posture!


Margays, little wild cats, reside in Central and South American evergreen and deciduous woods. They balance on their long, hefty tails and reside in trees.

Shrew Elephant

The elephant shrew's large snout makes these little, fluffy creatures seem funny. Despite their similarity to mice, elephant shrews are not rodents. They're not shrews!


Short-tailed scrub wallabies, or quokkas, are endemic to Australia. Like kangaroos, their "joeys" live in pouches until they're mature enough to survive.

Fennec Fox

The Canidae family's Fennec Foxes have the longest ears compared to their body size. In North Africa's deserts, they consume locusts, rodents, lizards, birds, and eggs.


Klipspringers are tiny antelopes found in Eastern and Southern Africa. With their unique hooves, they can land on a silver dollar-sized area after jumping 12 feet.

Japanese weasel

On Honshū, Kyūshū, and Shikoku, Japanese weasels reside in hilly and wooded places near the water. They're territorial and reside in hollow logs and trees.


These mountain-dwelling herbivores have adapted to harsh conditions. Because pikas are so little, they dwell in swarms on treeless, rocky hillsides.


Quolls are tree-dwelling marsupials from Australia and New Guinea. Long tails and speckled coats distinguish these once-abundant creatures.

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