Tacos: The Top 8 Options

What Makes a Taco?

Tacos are hand-sized wheat, flour, or maize tortillas folded and filled with meat and garnishes. 

Taco or Burrito?

Burritos are substantially bigger than tacos, therefore their size difference is obvious.

Pastor Tacos

Early 1900s Lebanese immigrants brought tacos al pastor to Mexico. These people made shawarma-style al pastor tacos.

Barbacoa tacos

Mexican barbacoa is Caribbean-inspired. The traditional taco is made by wrapping lamb or goat in agave leaves and slow-cooking it over an open flame until soft.


Birria, a goat-based stew from Jalisco, Mexico, is eaten on special occasions. Slow-cooked broth tenderises birria.


To tenderise and flavour cow head meat, tacos de cabeza are braised or steamed.

Asada tacos

Tacos with carne asada originates in Sonora, Mexico, a leading cattle-raising region. These tacos use cow short loin.


Tacos with carnitas resemble jerked pork. This taco uses braised pork shoulder.

Chorizo tacos

Mexico adapted Spanish chorizo. Spanish chorizo is cured, smoked, and made using various meats.

Pescado Tacos

Californians and Pacific coast Mexicans love fish tacos. Fried or grilled white fish fillet, cabbage, pico de gallo, and sour cream make the taco.

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