Smallest Town in Every State

People in the United States tend to remember their hometowns, especially their little ones, fondly. They make us think of our childhood homes or the homes we always imagined having.

Small Town, USA

McMullen is one of the smallest towns in the United States, with a total population of only nine.

McMullen, Alabama

There are only 12 people that live in this little village, but the breathtaking natural beauty more than makes up for the lack of inhabitants.

Anchorage, Alaska

Winkelman is the least populous incorporated community in Arizona and one of the least populous in the United States, with just 351.

Winkelman, Arizona

Historic railroad connections abound in this Ozarks outpost. Gilbert was once a bustling railroad hub and maintenance centre, but now it's home to just 26 people.

Gilbert, Arkansas

Unfortunately, California's smallest municipality is not one of the many charming tiny villages in the state to spend a day exploring.

Vernon, California

Located in the mountains between Glenwood Springs and the White River National Forest, the historic mining site consists of a scattering of rustic cottages.

Carbonate, Colorado

It's hard to believe that just 45 people still call the magnificent shingled mansions and spacious Victorian cottages of this beach community home.

Fenwick, Connecticut

Only 76 people call this village outside of Dover home, yet they pull together in big ways. Because it was founded in 1734, the town takes great pride in its colonial heritage.

Harply, Delaware

There are several little communities in Florida with tens of inhabitants, but Marineland is the smallest with only eleven.

Marineland, Florida

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