Most Popular Sandwiches, Ranked

 Chicken Sandwich

One of the most popular items is the chicken sandwich, which is deep fried and topped with enough of cheese to make it melt in your mouth.

Sandwich with Seafood

If you're craving anything seafood-related, maybe a fish sandwich is the way to go.

Egg Sandwich

The protein in egg sandwiches will fuel your body throughout the day.

Cheese Sandwich

A satisfying grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect midday snack. Grilled cheese sandwiches are a true American classic.

Sandwich with Roast Beef

Beef is delicious in a number of different preparations, including a Sunday roast and beef wellington. However, it's not limited to serving as the main attraction at elaborate banquets.

The Ham and Cheese Snack

A ham sandwich is a wonderful option if you need to create a sandwich quickly, since it is simple to prepare and has a robust taste.

Sandwiches stuffed with Nutella

The mere mention of Nutella causes a stampede. A nutella sandwich is the ideal choice for a sweet morning.

Meatball Sub

Beef is an excellent source of protein, despite the fact that certain cuts are very heavy in fat. 

Sandwich made with grilled chicken

If the thought of cheese makes your mouth water too much, swap it out with some grilled chicken.

Cookie with ice cream

When anything is wedged between two other items, we call it a sandwich. This means that ice cream sandwiches may be included.

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