Most Common Cat Breeds in the United States

Domestic Shorthair

There is a common perception that Siamese cats are the most combative and possessive of all cat breeds. Siamese cats may be quite jealous, so it's important to know that going in.

American Shorthair

Although American Shorthair cats are noted for their cuddliness, they are also well-known for their hardiness, muscularity, and vigilance in the workplace. 

The Common Longhair

Domestic Longhair cats are just cats with long hair and are thought to have originated in the same way that Domestic Shorthair cats did.

Toon from Maine

The Maine Coon is an enormous dog with a thick, luxurious coat. They have the physique of a tank and the bearing of a king.


Siamese cats, one of the most recognisable breeds in the world, are typically a creamy white hue with grey-brown claws and crystal blue eyes. 

Russian Blue

The coats of Russian Blue cats are short and fluffy, and they come in shades of dark grey and silver. There's a chance you'll see faint stripes.


Ragdoll cats are large and fluffy with a pointed appearance. Pointed-breed cats tend to have lighter fur on their bodies and darker markings on their heads.


The marbled pattern on a Bengal's fur is its most defining characteristic, but the breed also has a very plush coat and a powerful build. 


A black cat with copper eyes was the goal of American breeders who intended to create a cat with the proportions of a Burmese.


The flat, somewhat twisted noses and stocky bodies of Persian cats are distinctive features. People are generally attracted to those who have this quality.

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