Making a Smoothie Without Milk

You may be surprised to learn that I prepare my smoothies without milk most of the time. Sure, I make fruit smoothies with milk and yoghurt on occasion, but I often don't use milk at all

Is milk required?

No, it does not! A smoothie does not need the addition of milk.In fact, some of the most wonderful smoothies I've ever prepared include no milk at all.

Is milk required?

Milk is often a terrific method to help develop your smoothies, but depending on the sort of smoothie you make, it may easily water down the taste.

Green smoothies

Kale, ginger, oranges, lemon, frozen banana, frozen peaches, and water combine to make the BEST EVER green smoothie. A extremely healthy and tasty green smoothie that the whole family will enjoy!

Ginger peach detox

This smoothie contains a cup of water as well as high liquid fruits and vegetables such as lemon, orange, apple, and cucumber.Yes! Water is a terrific method to add some liquid .


Without milk or yoghurt?

As previously said, the ideal method is to utilise high liquid fruits and veggies together with water as needed. So, which fruits and vegetables have the highest liquid content?

Without any liquid?

I enjoyed how thick and tasty they were, and I usually went with a tropical theme! Smoothie made with pineapple, cucumbers, celery, lemon, peaches, ginger, and frozen bananas. 

How do you thicken ?

Smoothies that are watery and grainy are not for me. My smoothies should be incredibly thick and creamy, almost ice cream-like.When I drink it this way, it seems like a pleasure!

Blend in the frozen fruit

I spent years without understanding how to prepare a tasty smoothie, and I only wish I'd known these tips and tactics! Smoothies are really a science, and once you've mastered the mix, the possibilities are limitless!

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