Is a rabbit the appropriate pet?

Large, floppy ears, a wiggley nose, and a cotton tail. Who could say no to a cute bunny, particularly if their begging children need one?

Before deciding to adopt a rabbit, educate yourself on the care they need. Keep in mind that many rabbits in need of loving homes may be found at shelters and rescues.

Don't buy—adopt.

When adopting, seek for a local rescue instead of a pet shop since little animals like rabbits are frequently abused and pushed into awful situations.


Keeping a rabbit in a hutch outdoors or in the basement or garage is bad. Most pet shop cages are too tiny. You'll need a spacious cage and a rabbit-proofed room.


Rabbits and toddlers seldom get along. Rabbits need calm, delicate handling. Rabbits are prey animals, so delighted children's loud sounds and clumsy movements might surprise and upset them.

Unexpected expenses

Rabbits' care expenditures rapidly outweigh their adoption fees. These start-up expenditures include veterinarian fees.

Rabbits take time.

Rabbits are crepuscular, sleeping during the day and active between nightfall and morning. Rabbits require frequent human contact to be happy and civilised.


Healthy rabbits can live for more than 10 years, so a rabbit may be with your family for as long as a dog would.

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