Different Kinds of Dog Food

Dry food is the cheapest commercial dog food, thus many owners select it. It's also long-lasting and non-refrigerable. Crunchy dry food reduces tartar accumulation


Canned food, which has a long shelf life and is simple to obtain at any store, is pricey yet loved by most dogs. Some owners think it's worth it.


Most canned food is 75% water. Your dog requires more food to receive the nutrients he needs when water content increases. 


Semi-moist dog food comes in pork chop, burger, or other meaty shapes. Artificial tastes and colorings make these dog diets the least nutritious. 


They're OK as occasional treats for your dog, but they don't offer enough nutrients.


Some dog owners appreciate total nutrition control. A home-cooked diet lets the owner know precisely what her dog eats and ensures his nutritional demands.


 Home-cooked dog food is time-consuming and costly, but many owners believe the comfort of mind is worth it.


A raw diet includes raw meat, ideally with some bones (never cooked) and organs for phosphorus and calcium.


Many dogs can digest raw food since they have small intestinal tracts and powerful stomach acids. 


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