Capricorn Rising Sign: Personality and Love.

Rising Sign?

Your rising sign is based on your birth time, not your sun sign. Witt says, “You're born inside the 30-day period of where the sun is, therefore you're whatever that solar sign is.

Capricorn Rising Personalities

Astrologers use the sign governing planet, element, modality, and symbol to describe Capricorn risings. Saturn, earth, cardinal mode, and the Sea Goat dominate Capricorn.

Capricorn Rising First Impression

Earth rising signs in general come across as a bit more serious — but add Saturn to the mix, and they can give off a cold, stern, or even somber vibe. 

Social Capricorn Rising

Capricorn risings prefer to be alone, so don't leave them at an unfamiliar event. “They're really bonded at the hip with whomever they arrived with,” Witt adds.

Capricorn Risings Flirt How?

Mesa said they won't mince words. “They spend valuable time with you in a realistic, earthy manner. They're about investment.” If a Capricorn rising is giving you time.

Capricorn Rising Compatible Places

Capricorn rising compatibility favours earth placements. Capricorn Venus, Moon, or Mars make a perfect union.

Capricorn Careers

This sign is known for success. Capricorn risings frequently pursue one life objective for a long time. They are committed and always know what to do.

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