BURGER Varieties: 34 Based on the Number of Views


Alberta's kubie burger is a Ukrainian garlic sausage stuffed onto a hamburger bun or bread roll.

Texas Bean Burger

A beef patty, sliced onions, crumbled Fritos corn chips, refried beans, and Cheez Whiz top the classic San Antonio beanburger (processed cheese sauce or spread).


Chili sauce, raw onions, marshmallow fluff, and butter top the burger. The burger may also include American cheese.


Montana produces the Nutburger. Smashed and fried beef patties are covered with crushed peanuts and Miracle Whip and put on toasted buns. 


The proprietor, Pete Gokey, began sprinkling water on the burgers to keep them wet since they would dry up if left too long.


This local delicacy uses steamed ground beef and cheese pieces instead of ordinary burgers (usually cheddar). Beef is cooked in metal moulds, cheese in containers.


The Oklahoma-style theta burger has a bread bun, a beef patty, hickory sauce, mayonnaise, dill pickles, and cheddar cheese.


Michigan's olive burger. Ground beef, oil, white buns, mayonnaise, and pitted green olives make it. The beef patties are fried, covered with olives and mayonnaise.

Pimento Cheeseburger

South Carolina loves pimento cheeseburgers, a Southern American cheesburger. It has soft burger buns, grilled burger patties, and pimento cheese.

Chile Cheeseburger

New Mexico's green chile cheeseburger is a beef patty covered with green chiles on a bun. 

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