America's Favorite Sandwiches

YouGov's "likeability scale" gave the French drop 46%. Almost half of respondents liked this sandwich type.


Fans love this corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut sandwich. 48% of YouGov respondents approved.


Meatballs are versatile. 56% liked meatball sandwiches. Subway's forthcoming Beyond Meat sandwich will expand this choice.


Surprisingly, 58% enjoyed egg salad sandwiches. Egg salad, the ultimate airport breakfast, placed 12th on YouGov's rankings.

Egg salad

Tuna sandwiches rank 64% higher than egg salad. Simple but classic—bonus points for a tuna melt.


The pulled pork sandwich appeals to Southern barbecue sceptics. YouGov respondents approved it 65%.

Pulled Pork

The lunchbox classic reached the Top 10 with 66% "likeability scale" score. We assume the other 44% don't like peanut butter since this option brings back memories.


Bacon improves everything—including sandwiches. The crunchy, salty pork is great on club sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches, thus 67% of respondents liked it.


Club sandwiches are a protein-packed BLT with turkey. Survey respondents liked the basic sammie 68%.

Club sandwiches

Rather of turkey, prepare a BLT. 69% of respondents preferred the sandwich over the club.


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