10 Types of Cats That Are Extremely Aggressive


There is a common perception that Siamese cats are the most combative and possessive of all cat breeds. Siamese cats may be quite jealous, so it's important to know that going in.

Pixie Bob

The Pixie Bob is a breed of cat that is noted for being talkative, but not for its meows. When among their owners, they may snarl and chirp,when around strangers, they may become aggressive.


Hyperactive and very clever, Sphynxes need a lot of time spent playing. This implies that they may be taught new skills; some Sphynx owners even claim to have taught their pet how to play fetch!

The Mau of Egypt

Beautiful and glamorous, Egyptian Mau are a breed of cat. These felines often have a calm demeanour, are very perceptive, and follow commands without question.

Bombay Cat

This kind of cat is notoriously aggressive and fearless; it also detests using the litter box. Their tiny to medium stature and stout build give them unexpected power in play conflicts.

Strains of American Wirehair

An American Wirehair is the ideal pet since it is friendly without being clingy, and energetic without being obnoxious.


Even though they seem domesticated, their magnificent coat is a continuous reminder that they are a wild hybrid of the leopard and the housecat.


Given their rarity and, thus, high cost, proper breeding is essential to ensure the health of this breed. You have a real treat in store if you purchased your Korat from a reputable breeder.


Being one of the tiniest felines here, a Singapura's whole weight would do little damage if thrown at its owner.

Scotch Braid

Because of their amiability, these cats are a fantastic choice for households with kids and several members. After some adjustment period, they may also get along well with dog breeds.

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