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Review of the Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum

    Review of the Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum

    Bored with the endless cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping? We’ve tested the Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum and can attest that it’s perfect for your needs.

    As pet owners, we are constantly on the lookout for new tools and equipment that might help us spend more quality time with our pets. Cleaning up after our dogs is a necessary evil that takes up a significant portion of our time as pet owners. It’s a fact that most dogs are quite messy, whether it’s because they leave muddy paw prints, shed hair, nasty jelly beans, or have accidents in the home. This in no way diminishes our adoration for them. Although they are adorable, cleaning up after them can soon become a chore. When presented with the opportunity to test out yet another vacuum robot at the house of a pet parent who has not one but two dogs, we leaped at the chance.

    One of Trifo’s robot vacuums, Ollie, has been tested by us before, and spoiler alert: it’s fantastic. We were curious, however, to see how well their main product, the Lucy Ultra, holds up against the dirt, hair, and other problems that come with having a pet. Surprisingly, since it wasn’t made with pets in mind, it outperforms Ollie, which was.

    Whether you have a large home with many floors or a small studio apartment with plenty of furniture and nooks and crannies, the Lucy Ultra robot vacuum will get the job done with its superior AI design and suite of smart functions. Lucy Ultra’s first-in-class twin cameras and Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth sensors make it an expert at identifying and avoiding obstructions, such as furniture or sleeping pets, so it can go about its business of methodically vacuuming and mopping messes without causing any disruptions. Even better, it can pick up on things as tiny as an inch, so you don’t have to worry about losing your prized earring in the vacuum’s strong suction.

    While we’re on the topic, I should mention that Lucy Ultra lives up to its name when it comes to picking up every last crumb, dust particle, and scrap of dirt. The 4000Pa of suction force it boasts means that it will pick up every last strand of hair, crumb, and dust bunny it encounters, regardless of whether it’s being used on carpet, hardwood, or tile. It comes with a variety of extractors that can be switched out depending on the surface being cleaned; this makes it ideal for removing pet hair from carpets as well as dust and debris from shiny timber floors. What’s more, the automatic air freshener in Lucy Ultra not only eliminates odours but also leaves behind a nice smell after cleaning up spills. It’s a win-win situation where nobody has to do any work and everyone can relax in a spotless, odor-free house while snuggling with their pets. This is ideal, right?

    Lucy Ultra may assist with even another duty by washing the floor after it has been meticulously cleaned. It comes with three interchangeable mopping pads and an electric water tank that holds a lot of water, so your floors will be clean and glossy in no time. It’s Lucy’s responsibility to clean it, so at least you won’t have to!

    As pet owners, we’ll focus on what our dogs are more interested in than we are: the ingenious built-in laser pointer, but there are a lot of really fantastic features that ought to be addressed, such as the night camera and motion detection. We saw one in Ollie, and it was really popular; it distracts the pet from the small robot working, which is great if you have a dog or cat that is naturally inquisitive. When Lucy Ultra is doing the laundry, you may send your canine companion on a game of “chase the red dot” and enjoy some quality time together.


    • One robot that does the work of three: sweeper, vacuum, and mop
    • Up to 2,150 square feet may be cleaned in as little as 120 minutes.
    • 4000Pa suction and silent motor
    • Video Chat in Real Time
    • Motion-activated recording and a camera that works at all hours
    • Artificially Intelligent Robotic Hazard Avoidance
    • Perfect for sucking up pet hair, the tangle-free suction port is also great for other small debris.
    • Car air freshener that works by itself
    • Accessible via both app and voice command


    With the water storage taking up area that might be used for a larger dustbin, the dustbin has had to be reduced in size.

    Concluding Statement

    Truly, we may say that Lucy has swept us off our feet. In order to spend more time with our canine companions, we like that it does double duty by removing pet hair and cleaning up paw prints. Check out Trifo’s Lucy on Amazon if you want to relax while a robot vacuum takes care of the cleaning.

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