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Home » My Dog Barks All Day While I Am At Work : How To Stop?

My Dog Barks All Day While I Am At Work : How To Stop?

    My Dog Barks All Day While I Am At Work : How To Stop?

    We raised dogs so they would bark and warn us of dangers to our homes and animals. But barking can be a real problem in an urban setting, especially for your neighbors. When you’re not home to stop your pet, this can become an even bigger problem. Read on to find out why dogs bark when they are alone and what you can do to stop your dog from doing it.

    Why Do Dogs Bark When Alone?

    There are many reasons why your dog might bark when he or she is alone. Here are a few of them.

    • Too Much Energy
    • Loneliness
    • Boredom 
    • Boredom 
    • Anxiety
    • Anxiety

    How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at Work?

    There are different ways to deal with the different reasons for this behavior. Some of these ways take time, and others require money. Overall, it can be hard to get your dog to stop barking while you are at work. But with time and patience, you can get the behavior under control by using the strategies below.

    Provide Adequate Exercise

    It’s easy to underestimate how much exercise your dog needs. Some breeds need to work hard for up to two hours to get rid of all their energy. If you have one of these dogs, you should definitely get up early to take your dog for a walk. Make sure it gets to sniff around and meet people and other dogs.

    Get your dog some agility, obedience, or other training so he or she is really worn out. When you’re at work, your dog won’t bark if it’s tired and taking a nap. But you should be ready for when it does. Make plans for someone to walk your dog for an hour in the afternoon so it doesn’t feel lonely.

    You might also want to think about doggie day care. Even if you can only take him or her there once or twice a week, it could make a big difference. Your dog will be nice and tired after playing, working out, and meeting new people. This may cost a lot, but not as much as moving or replacing furniture that has been chewed up.

    Eliminate Boredom

    You should also think about getting your dog some interactive and/or food-dispensing toys in addition to setting up the dog walker. Your pet’s mind will be stimulated by these things. The dog can move these toys around or do other things to get a treat, like a few pieces of kibble. Some of them can also be set up to give out prizes at regular times.

    They also have puzzles that the dog has to figure out to get its reward. Some of them are easy enough for a dog to figure out on its own. Some are easy, but you’ll have to help your puppy learn the harder ones.

    Basically, the idea is that your dog should have something to do (besides barking) while you’re at work. You should be careful, though, that the toys don’t roll under some furniture and out of reach. After all, you don’t want to come home to a mess that your dog made while trying to get them.

    Lessen your contact with triggers

    Dogs often bark when they hear or see something new. So, you can stop your dog from barking by making it less sensitive to things that might make it do it. If you keep your dog outside, you might want to bring it inside. If you are keeping him or her inside, close the curtains.

    When a dog is inside, it is less likely to see or hear something that gets it excited. You can also turn on the TV or radio and leave it on while you are gone. The noise will drown out other sounds. You can also use CDs with music made specifically for this purpose of reducing noise.

    Relieve Anxiety

    When dogs don’t know what to expect at different times of the day, they can get nervous. Then, they might bark because they are scared. You will need to set a routine for your dog if you don’t want it to bark while you’re at work. Set times in the day for everything your dog does, like eating, going to the bathroom, exercising, and even playing.

    Even if you have an unpredictable schedule, you should do your best to keep your dog on a regular schedule. This will make your dog feel safe and less likely to bark when he or she is alone. You could also give him or her one special toy or treat that he or she will only get when you leave. This will help your dog see the time it spends alone as a good thing.

    When you go to open the door and your dog starts barking like crazy, this could be a sign of separation anxiety. You’ll need a lot of patience because you’ll have to teach your pet to be happy when you’re not around. You will have to slowly lengthen the time that goes by before the dog starts barking while you are at work.

    Don’t Reward Barking

    If you don’t give a dog a treat when it barks, it will be less likely to bark when you’re not around. If your dog is barking, don’t pet it, talk to it, look at it, or feed it. Wait until the dog stops barking. This could take up to an hour in some situations.

    No matter how long your dog barks, you must not pay attention to it. Putting your dog in a crate and turning your back on it is the best way to do this. Start by giving your pet a treat when he or she stops barking for one second. Then, slowly lengthen the amount of time that must pass before a treat is given. You should notice that your dog barks less and less over time.

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